Smart. Sustainable. Affordable.

Maintain the quality of your HDPE products with competitively priced resins now within easy reach.


Delivering the highest quality recycled HDPE resins.

Intelligently tailored to your unique requirements.

Our goal is to build the HDPE resins that fit your unique manufacturing criteria to maximize your productivity, and help you produce top quality finished products. We’ll even use special additives to give your resins the qualities you need, to so it behaves in a more consistent manner.

Smart Sorting Technology.

As a recycling specialist, Polywize’s smart sorting technology can deliver quality results that rival virgin materials, but at a much lower cost. Our proprietary sorting technology can sort by a variety of important criteria:

  • Color, natural vs. color, polymer or material type.
  • Separate bottles from caps, and more.
  • Help remove the highest percentage of contamination so your supply is consistent, so you can deliver quality products.
  • Classify products by ‘melt flow’, giving you a more predictable quality standard,saving you time.


Supporting a sustainable global mission.

Our goal is to make using recycled HDPE resins sustainable, practical and profitable.

There’s a growing demand for manufacturers to use more and more recycled fewer plastic bottles and containers end up in landfills. But a global shift to using recycled resins will happen only when supplies of recycled resin are both affordable and consistent in quality.

That’s where Polywize comes in. Offering state-of-the-art processing technologies, Polywize specializes in helping you use high quality recycled resins to cut costs while maintaining your quality standards for a wide variety of plastic products.


Abundant, affordable supply within easy reach.

The logistical advantage.

Now that the United States ships far less waste overseas, the volume of quality raw materials available here is greater than ever. Located in east Texas, Polywize affordably sources raw HDPE materials and ships finished recycled resins at the most competitive market rates. We have ample supply of quality raw materials within hours of our location, which helps keep the cost of your final material as affordable as possible.

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ADDRESS: 1498 North Bolton Street, Jacksonville TX. 75766
PHONE: 903-352-3039